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Q: What is Team B42?
A: We are a streaming and gaming community and are here to help grow your brand. Here is our orientation video:
What is Team B42
What is lurking
Q: How do I appear in the "Streaming Now" role and get announced by the "Now Live" bot when I go live?
A: Link your twitch to your discord and have streamer mode engaged. User settings>Connections>Connect to twitch. Then Connections>Enable streamer mode. Here is a video:
How do I appear in the "Streaming Now" role
Q: What is a Team B42 Raid and how do I get chosen?
A: Raids are conducted in the #raid_links and raid voice channel at the designated times posted in the #raid_announcements channel. Raids typically last an hour and are conducted by the raid master. Through out the hour, the raid master will drop links in the #raid_links channel and also give a verbal queue of who the raid target is. This is a great way to network and help our team members succeed. Raid targets are chosen randomly at times but you will be much more likely to receive a raid if you are a supportive team member. Here is a video to help:
What is a Team B42 Raid
Can I use Team B42 graphics on my stream
Q: Can I use Team B42 graphics on my stream?
A: Yes! Although you are by no means required, we encourage you to represent the team! Logos:
More graphics are available in the Discord and can be found in #graphics right click on the image you want, open the link, right click again then all you need to do is save the graphics to your PC. 
Twitch Dashboard & Affiliation
Q: What is in my Twitch Dashboard and what do I do with it?
A: Your Twitch Dashboard is the nerve center of your stream career. You can do almost everything in it.
Q: How do I find out how close I am to Twitch Affiliation/Partnership and what Acheivements have I completed or need?
A: Your Twitch Dashboard, thus this video:
Twitch Settings
Q: What are my Twitch Settings and what can I do and see in them?
A: Your Twitch Settings are where you set up your Offline banner, deal with your password and some other cool stuff. See the video:
Twitch Don't by Benda42
Twitch Don't by Benda42
Anchor 2
More videos to follow! 
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