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Say hi and tell us about yourself!

Feb 17

Hey B42 Team What's up? Figured i should introduce myself :) I'm Natasha, 25 year old from Ontario that just loves gaming, I'm into all Genres! Outside of gaming, I am in my first year at college T
Jon Mooney
Sep 8, 2018

Good evening All. My name is Jon and I reside in NH in US. I play WoW, PubG, and a variety of other games. I am a disabled working man that loves gaming and Hosting. Over the course of my years I
Jul 5, 2018

Getting close to the big 40 this year but still feel like a kid at heart! I’m a father to three beautiful kids and a husband to an amazing wife of 15 years. I’ve been streaming since August 2017 on
Jun 10, 2018

WHAAT up B42 FAM!!! I'm John or other wise a lot of you know me as Dat_Jcrack, I'm 33 Married to a Dutch Girl, Currently Living in the Rotterdam Netherlands Fun fact: Originally Upstate NY Born and R
May 31, 2018

Hi guys! I am DreamAngelCore or Dream for short, I am a single mom with an amazing 13 year old son. I stream to Twitch and love it! I was leery of joining TeamB42 at first as some Twitch comm
May 30, 2018

Oh, why hello there. I didn't see you come in here... you know, because it's text. I started streaming around September 2017 and have been fully vested ever since. I've prided myself on growing and
May 30, 2018

Hey guys! Its me MizzDani or just Dani :D I am a mom, wife, twitch affiliate, moderator of B42. I am a variety streamer, I enjoy my survival games, but dab in other games as well. I am always open to
Matt Howzer
Sep 23, 2018

Just wanted to drop a line in here and say hello. Thank you to all the great people of B42 this community is wonderful. Let's keep moving up together as a group!. Let's Go! Baby!
Jul 31, 2018

Hi B42 Empire!! What's up? Just thought I'd introduce myself :) I'm Eric, 23 year old from Illinois that just loves games in general, but particularly the ones that scare me the most. Outside of gamin
Jun 16, 2018

Good day, you sexy ladies and gents. The name is Bitesizedballz, a lot of people call me Bite, or Ballz. Whichever tickles your fancy. I have been in the Twitch scene for almost a year now and I am ma
Jun 10, 2018

Hi my name is Donna i come from a small island between England and France called Alderney but i live in Leigh near Manchester now. 1.6 cs got me in to gaming and i have not long got back in to stre
May 30, 2018

Oh hi guys 👀 thehazeydon here i am a 21 year old streamer, Proud brit from England,Lancashire and father to a beautiful 3 year old son, i have been a gamer for years now but i recently started stream
May 30, 2018

sgt_nop3 here, I am a Father.Husband.Brother.Son.Gamer.Streamer. Youtuber.Friend.Veteran. And as of late a Mod to this absolutely amazing community! I started streaming on Nov 7, 2017 and Love every
May 29, 2018

Oh Hi! Benda42 here. Twitch streamer and founding father of Team B42! I began streaming in August 2017 and really love what I do. Above all, I love helping others succeed. I am a New Yorker but livin