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May 30, 2018

Holy Face Fuzz (Get It?)


Edited: May 30, 2018

Oh, why hello there. I didn't see you come in here... you know, because it's text.


I started streaming around September 2017 and have been fully vested ever since. I've prided myself on growing and adapting as a streamer, which has further influenced myself as a person. Team B42 has helped shape that drive in me and YOU guys (Read YOU) are my biggest motivators.


Outside of this team, I hold a steady job in security and I'm degreed in Speech Communication. I've held a variety of jobs ranging from small engine repair, contractor work, and a pet store associate to managing an IT department and a licensed RBT in a clinic. I've done everything. I pride myself on knowing everything about everything because being ignorant enrages me. I try to learn something new everyday and, moreover, look at it from another perspective because I believe people are generally good intentioned.


My goals for the stream are to become a professional personality in both playing games and as a commentator. Further yet, I'd like to grow as a motivational speaker and try to leave a mark on the world for the better.


I look forward to charging onward with this team and seeing where we take ourselves. Love for my B42 family and all the new friends that always comes with it and with my warmest admiration.



New Posts
  • coffinfaerie
    Feb 17

    Hey B42 Team What's up? Figured i should introduce myself :) I'm Natasha, 25 year old from Ontario that just loves gaming, I'm into all Genres! Outside of gaming, I am in my first year at college Taking eSports Administration and Entrepreneurship so that's Super exciting as i'm one of two females being the first to go through for a degree in eSports! In my life i'm also a mom to a beautiful, but terrifying little boy of the age of 4 LOL literally my own little demon but i love him so much. I want to make my dream of working in the eSports industry a reality and to show my son that dreams can come true it you work hard enough! So far my experience on Twitch has been absolutely amazing and I look forward to making it even better with B42!
  • Matt Howzer
    Sep 23, 2018

    Just wanted to drop a line in here and say hello. Thank you to all the great people of B42 this community is wonderful. Let's keep moving up together as a group!. Let's Go! Baby!
  • bigfliip.
    Jul 31, 2018

    Hi B42 Empire!! What's up? Just thought I'd introduce myself :) I'm Eric, 23 year old from Illinois that just loves games in general, but particularly the ones that scare me the most. Outside of gaming, I am heading into my senior year at university as a Psychology major, so that's pretty exciting. You could also call me a sports nerd, a nature enthusiast, or a yogi addict; any of those will work. Best cereals of all time are coco pebbles, cinnamon toast crunch, cookie crisp, and reeses puffs. I don't know why i felt the need to include this, but it's pretty important to me. But anyway.. so far my experience on Twitch has been absolutely amazing and I look forward to making it even better with B42!