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Jun 16, 2018

It's a bit of a mouthful, isn't it?


Edited: Jun 16, 2018

Good day, you sexy ladies and gents. The name is Bitesizedballz, a lot of people call me Bite, or Ballz. Whichever tickles your fancy. I have been in the Twitch scene for almost a year now and I am making my way up the ladder of grindage one rung at a time. I have been scoping out B42 for quite some time now and have come to love all the content creators I see and admire the work you all do. I am looking forward to meeting more of you and building this community to the top!


A little about me. I am from Alaska, moved to Arizona in 2015. I hate it. It's hot. I am part Irish so I just burn to death. I am huge on community. A follow is not just a number. It is a friend, a supporter. I do NOT do F4F. I refuse to pad numbers with emptiness. I would much prefer you enjoy my content before you smash the f*ck out of that follow button. I am here to take over the world with YOU.


P.S. Here is a picture of my wifey and I at our wedding last year.


New Posts
  • coffinfaerie
    Feb 17

    Hey B42 Team What's up? Figured i should introduce myself :) I'm Natasha, 25 year old from Ontario that just loves gaming, I'm into all Genres! Outside of gaming, I am in my first year at college Taking eSports Administration and Entrepreneurship so that's Super exciting as i'm one of two females being the first to go through for a degree in eSports! In my life i'm also a mom to a beautiful, but terrifying little boy of the age of 4 LOL literally my own little demon but i love him so much. I want to make my dream of working in the eSports industry a reality and to show my son that dreams can come true it you work hard enough! So far my experience on Twitch has been absolutely amazing and I look forward to making it even better with B42!
  • Matt Howzer
    Sep 23, 2018

    Just wanted to drop a line in here and say hello. Thank you to all the great people of B42 this community is wonderful. Let's keep moving up together as a group!. Let's Go! Baby!
  • bigfliip.
    Jul 31, 2018

    Hi B42 Empire!! What's up? Just thought I'd introduce myself :) I'm Eric, 23 year old from Illinois that just loves games in general, but particularly the ones that scare me the most. Outside of gaming, I am heading into my senior year at university as a Psychology major, so that's pretty exciting. You could also call me a sports nerd, a nature enthusiast, or a yogi addict; any of those will work. Best cereals of all time are coco pebbles, cinnamon toast crunch, cookie crisp, and reeses puffs. I don't know why i felt the need to include this, but it's pretty important to me. But anyway.. so far my experience on Twitch has been absolutely amazing and I look forward to making it even better with B42!