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Alive N Kickin

Hey there world, how are you? Well I'm good, Im alive n kickin. Many of you may ask yourself who is this guy, or why am I bothering to read this? Trust you me you crazy motha chicken, I am so asking myself that same question. Now this is my first ever blog, (actually had to ask what one of those where) so thanks for tuning in. Here on a weekly basis I'll share with you things about me, whether it be certain things I say, my nop3 moments, my favorite video games, things from the past, things I looking forward to in the future, stuff that happened through out the week, just things that are on my mind.

So lets kick this off, why 'alive n kickn'? This is a saying I started using roughly about 20 years ago and it just stuck with me. It is a simple phrase that reminds me how lucky am to still be here and why I have so much hype to give. There where a few incidences that opened my eyes at such a young age and made appreciate the little things.

About 6 months prior to getting my drivers license I was riding my bicycle to a mall in Littleton Colorado. My brother and his girlfriend where riding with me. So we where just riding along and something happened, now I cant explain it and neither could they (my brother and his girl) but some how I got hit, not by an object, just felt like someone punched me in the chest. I woke up to my brother screaming and crying at me to wake up. I remember seeing people on their giant ass cellular phones calling 911. Then I passed back out and woke in the hospital with nothing wrong. No one could tell us what happened. Doc said "son, your just lucky".

Next incident was about 4 months later, again riding my bike, but this time, the bicycle didn't make it. So after baseball practice my friend Scott and I decided to race home on bikes, wanted to get home and play some super metroid. There are a lot of up downs in the neighborhoods in Littleton do to it being in the foothills of the mountains. So we're peddling as fast as possible and then bam, Bike and me start tumbling, flipping, sliding, my shirt gets ripped to shreds, and then I hear tires screech, a crash. people yelling in panic. At that time all I could see was the blood in my eyes. Then I wake in the hospital. So apparently the gravel on the roads, not very good for racing (racing anything). The entire right side of my body arm, leg, butt, hip, sides of the torso all scrapped up and bandaged. Small cut (though it did bleed a lot) above the right eye. The tire screeching was a car slamming on there brakes cause they saw what had happened, the crash was my bike hitting their car. The mother and son, thank god the kid knew me and call my house, rushed me to the hospital. So apparently even though it sounds bad could have been a lot worse, I was wearing my baseball bag as a backpack. I had three bats inside of it along with my other gear, during the time of sliding and everything shredding apart that bag and those 3 bats got used a shield for my head and back. Again, doc said "son, your just lucky".

The next event I will not elaborate on, but I did survive The Columbine Shooing! This event is really rough to talke

Well I feel lucky, I feel blessed to be here with you all today. There has been a lot more close calls over the last 20yrs, in the army, on the fishing boat in Alaska, but this is where the words Alive n Kickin started. And basically these words just mean I'm thankful everyday to be here. Thankful to share the love and spread the hype.

So enough of that, lets get to this weeks NOP3 Moment. Now as this is the first B42 Blog post for me and every week I will choose one these to share with you, you may ask yourself what is a NOP3 Moment. Well generally speaking nop3 moments are significant moments that standout, they are hilarious, they are frustrating, and they can be anything that says nop3. So this week we got a hilarious and exciting one. So I was playing Sea of Thieves with a few members of the B42 communtity, You may know them, gsnpatsman, SpeakupGaming and DreamAngelCore. Now this was really exciting for me because this was for a charity event and I love taking the time to be able give in any way especially to children. So as we are finishing up our treasure hunt and headed back in to turn our stuff in, Dream says "ok sarg, you can drink now", and the fun began. Speakup and I got our characters drunk. Dream is trying to guide patsman by herself. Just as we arrive Speakup and I are in the middle of a puke fight and patsman says drop the anchor drop the anchor. and well NOP3 we crashed because I kept falling down the stairs drunks with Speakup lmao. So everyone starts scrambling and in the nic of time we get our treasure off and watch our ship sink.

So to end this first blog, I am looking forward to what this upcoming week has in store. This awesome webiste is released for you all, this upcoming weekend my wife and I are getting to travel back to Ohio to hangout with TheVideoGameDiva and meet some more awesome members of the TeamB42 Family. So you can bet next weeks blog will have some more nop3stastic moments.

Love you all, keep up the hype

SGT_NOP3 signing out

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