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First Blog Ever

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

So, this is going to be hard, what do I say? Should I be serious, funny, sarcastic or crazy? How about all of the above, cause all that is ME!

I have thoughts on Life, Love and all sorts of Stuff and Things.

This first blog though, is about the most amazing and supportive community on Twitch, Team B42 of course.

We have only been on discord for seven months and we already have more than 3000 members! Why, you ask. Because we are amazing as a team. that's why!

Our famous B42 Raids are the talk of the town and we bring the HYPE! Not everyone understands them though.

We raid daily, multiple times per day.

Raids typically last an hour and are conducted by the Raid Host.

Through out the hour, the raid host will drop links in the raid links discord channel and also give a verbal queue in the Raid Team voice discord channel of who the raid target is. Raid targets are chosen randomly at times but you will be much more likely to receive a raid if you are a supportive team member.

The Raid Host may also accept suggestions from other raid participants via discord DM. We generally spend 2-5 mins in each channel spamming love and emotes before moving onto the next channel, until we hit the Final Raid.

During the Final Raid we choose someone from the raid voice channel (preferably a first timer) who does not plan to stream for at least 2 hours. We congregate in their Twitch channel and the Raid Host gives the name to the final raider.

The Final Raider does /raid channelname in their own channel and this send every person in their channel to the target channel and leaves them there, it also automatically hosts that channel. The raiders throw more hype in the final raid channel and everyone disburses from the raid voice discord channel.

You can find the raid schedule right here on our site in the events page

Next time, Who knows..

Until then, remember:

Our community is more than Twitchers, more than members, more than friends, we are FAMILY.

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