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Just Start Writing

When I first learned to write, my teachers said "Just start writing, anything and everything that comes to your mind. Do this everyday. You will be amazed at what you have written when you go back and reread."

I started a journal shortly thereafter. I would keep it in my nightstand drawer with a pencil, like some schoolgirl with her diary. Mind you, it did not contain the spicy drama of a teenagers life, it was more everyday events or certain feelings I had experienced that day. For sometime I kept the ritual up, but like many many things in my life, I would get distracted by other things and eventually I quit writing in it. It's still in the nightstand drawer next to my bed.

Years later this new internet thing called "blogging" was becoming popular, some people even making a career out of doing so. I'm thinking, who cares about opinions like this these days more than facts?? I was hard to understand. The more I read into it, I found so many blogs with so many different opinions. One site would support something, linked to 100 other sites to support that opinion, then another 100 sites to refute the same opinion. I found it mind-numbing, but also interesting as to how people can make a living in this manner. I decided to give it a whirl, went to a free blog hosting site and created TheDemoRepulicratican. It was at a time of political upheaval (when isn't there?) and I felt like I wanted to share my more centrist/libertarian views with the world. My idea was to try to expose people to the idea that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans had Americas best interest at heart. They are, in my humble opinion, two sides of the same coin, leaving approximately 40% of the nation, under represented in most all governments at all levels. This was truly exhausting as I seemed to always be arguing with both sides, with both thinking I utterly supported the "political enemy", and leaving neither satisfied, eventually labeled a "throw away voter". Simply put, I want LGBTQ+ couples to be able to get married and protect their cannabis farms with AR-15s. That's just me. I always defer to the side of freedom, even over my religious beliefs (I am not the conventional Christian and do not condone many of the "church's" actions in these times.) because before all else, I was born in a free country, with a free mind, and opportunity to be or do whatever my dreams dictated. The same should never be denied another human being.

After some time and some very exhausting debates with what seemed unmovable minds, I gave up TheDemoRepublicratican, feeling that the political forum just wasn't for me. I still have opinions but doesn't everyone? So here I am again, 'blogging', this time for nothing more than fun. When I started this today, I had absolutely no idea what I would say. A huge thanks to the writing teacher from so many years ago.

"Just start writing, anything and everything that comes to your mind..."

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