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Let me tell you how I really feel....

Hey Team B42 best friends!

If you do not know, I created this community. I could not be more proud and happy I am to have met every single one of you. I love what I do and interacting with you every day.

Although I love my job, this is not easy work. I feel responsible for all of you. I am responsible for all of you. Our success as a community is based around you succeeding as a streamer. This becomes stressful at times because there are lots of elements out of our control.

Myself and Team B42 are with you all the way. Through the bad times and the good. Streaming as a profession is hard. Streaming and running a community is also difficult. But nothing worth having is easy.

Although I created this, we are only this strong because of members like you. I need your help keeping that positive energy flowing. We are truly nothing without members like you.

Keep up the positive vibes and remember: Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn

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