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Oh Cheese N Rice

Yet another week has gone by, and oh my it has been one hell of a week! First off THANK YOU ALL!!!!! I finally made it past 1500 followers, I seriously I cant tell how much that means to me! Just Thank you Thank you!!!!!!

Now a lot of you know how hype I get and how I love using lots of different weird sayings, and so this week, we are finally to the one, the Oh Cheese N Rice!!!! Now many of you know that this is to replace to using a biblical name. I decided about 10yrs ago to not say the name when getting upset out of respect for anyone around me that maybe religious. I find by using this term, that it can also take an upset moment and turn it into funny one. This is just my way of trying to keep positive around each individual person! Please, dont be upset.

Well I dont have much to say this week, but I can say I am looking forward to the raids. The Team B42 raids are what keeps this Sarg hyped. I absolutely love going into your channels and putting them smiles on your faces. Your creativity has been a true inspiration to me, and I feel honored to lead you everyday in the noon raids. I would like to see us hit a personal goal for me, and that is to hit at least 50 on avg for a week. We generally are at 30, so lets go baby! 20 more a day isn't asking to much, we are at 3000+ members!

Anyway, hope to see you all in the raids and in the all Team B42 family channels. Have yourself an awesome awesome week LOVE YOU!



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