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The Importance of having a Camera

Hey B42 friends!

Now if you don't want to use a camera with your stream that is your choice.

I heard some people talking the other day about how a camera doesn't make a difference and people will still come and watch you for your personality. I respectfully disagree with this notion.

Although I think you can find success in streaming without a camera, I think you can find even more success when using one. People love to see reactions. I know a lot of people wont even give you a chance without a camera. I have talked about this in my Youtube series.

I know some people are scared or shy to use a camera. I would make a few recordings of yourself playing the game so you can get the feel for it and a bit more comfortable before you hit the stream button.

If you are completely against using a camera, there is still hope for you! Think about putting an avatar in place of your webcam. It should give the viewers something to look at.

Remember, you can be successful without a camera. However, I think you will grow faster if you use one.


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