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This Motha Chicken!

Well hello again all you wonderful motha chickens! Hahahaha I bet most of you can guess what the motha chicken stands for, but do you know where it came from? Well we will get into that in a moment. We have lots more to talk about first!

Lets start off with, wow what an amazing week it has been. The noon raids this week, not one single raid we did this week under 30 people. That is so freaking amazing, everyday I tell all of you members that we are not this amazing without you and those numbers are proof of it. Most of you, and I'm truly hoping its all of you (but some are still new here), have a had the great opportunity to be hit by one theses raids. So it warms my heart when I see you sitting there playing your game, or doing your creative work and you look over to that chat and see all them emotes swarming all over your page and that smile hits, oh that amazing smile that each of you have. So to everyone that was a part of these raids thank you so much. And to everyone we raided, thank you for your smiles, your raid performances and yes, your tears!

On a more personal note to my amazing week, I have noticed a lot of members that are playing The Forest. About a month ago this game was gifted to me from a friend and fellow streamer. And let me tell you what, wow, just wow! It has been so addicting, I have had such an amazing time playing this game. And this week I have had the opportunity to play with some of you and it has made playing this so much better. So I was thinking that if any of you would like to make a community game out of this please hit me up. I think having a community game night would be amazing and I would love to spend some more time with each of you!

So last week I let you know one the things I was looking forward to was going to Diva's house a meeting so B42 members. Well that was high light of my week. Let me tell you, wow I had such an amazing time, first off Dashmaker (total hottie fellas) #dashiscute so much fun. Dunion, very out outgoing super nice and fun as hell. Sav2880 so much fun, funny as all get out, man oh man. And Gman73 oh shit, so nice and hilarious, very good at "that what she said". These group of people mad the entire weekend so memorable. One that I wont forget. Well just before wifey_nop3 and I left we got to meet one more B42 member, Cgray91. Super nice, gives great hugs (just ask wifey_nop3) and all around great to hand with. So thank you all for that amazing weekend! I look forward to have more meet ups in the future.

Ok so on to the Motha Chicken, I actually stole this from my drill intructor from when I joined the US Army. So all of the vets here know, but the rest of you may not. When joining the service the is a process called boot camp. Boot camp is the start of military career, everyone has to do it. And it is here that they start "the soldiering process". For the most part, it can be very brutal. I believe it to be necessary. But at the time of me going in to the Army the military was under great media review. It was stated that they were bullying and demoralizing the recruits (I don't think they where).

So, on my first day of boot camp, the biggest giant I had ever seen (6'5 250+lbs) this guy was freaking huge, came on to the bus started yelling at us throwing our gear of the bus, rushing us to a formation. There where 6 other instructors trying to help get us into these formation things, all screaming and me not understanding a word any of them are saying. And then that's when it happened, my first mistake in the army, one i will never forget. We are all standing in these formations, This lady drill instructor gets all to stand at attention and introduces or head drill instructor SFC Johnson. He comes out looking all bad, mean looking face. And then in this little kid voice says "ok all you motha chickens" and I lost it. I started laughing so bad I cried. I got in so much trouble but didn't care. It was hilarious. he later goes on to explain that they weren't allowed to directly cuss at us because they were under review, but I will never forget it. As the years have gone on every now and again I let the fbomb slip but I turned the motha chicken into a fun thing for me as it gets people to laugh. Hope you all get a kick out of where it came from.

For the rest of this week Im looking forward to hopefully breaking some records by packing in the most amount of people the raids have seen. There are some new additions Im adding in to my personal stream, (one in particular that was designed for Bend42 himself) and a few more.

I leave you to it, get out there and entertain the world. That what we do as streamers, we showcase our work and entertain the people that come see us. So enjoy your games, have fun with your art work, and entertain that chatroom.

I Love you Team B42


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