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What's a Diva?

Haiii! First blog on TeamB42 and I am both super stoked and also nervous. I have always been super critical of myself and my writing, but for the love B42, I am taking one for the team.

So one thing I get asked often is where my name TheVideoGameDiva comes from. It was a struggle for me for awhile to decide on what to make my online name for Xbox and Playstation. I originally settled with the name DivaCass. Many people misunderstood the meaning of Diva as it tends to have a negative connotation in society. The reason I chose Diva is because I was inspired by the Diva's of the music industry. Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey etc.

I loved watching these strong confident women, they were so inspiring, confident and full of talent. I love singing and always wanted to have some kind of career in the entertainment industry. My love of Diva's continue as one of my current favorites is Beyonce, along with Lady Gaga, Demi Lovoto and Kelly Clarkson. It can be hard to stay confident, strong and pursue your dream in todays world. These women have helped pave the way for others to follow their dreams.

Now for the evolution of my username. Five years ago I had the opportunity to be on a radio station reviewing video games. So, I wanted something with a little more ring to it. I decided to change my name to TheVideoGameDiva. I only got to be on the radio twice but it was super fun! I actually have a link to one of the clips here:

Reminding you this was over 5 years ago....

So anyway, to sum it up a Diva is the female version of a Hustla. For real though a Diva to me is a strong, passionate, loving woman who never gives up. So join in with me and be a Diva.

I always like to end with never forget to have Patience, Perseverance and Passion.


Diva <3

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