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Your first 1000 followers

Getting from 1-1000 followers on Twitch can be a grueling task for some if they don't have the proper knowledge. I have always pushed the importance of networking and making connections with other people is most important for your first 1000 follows.

I use the 90/10 rule. 90% of your time should be spent networking and 10% should be spent on your stream/streaming. Most people have this formula backwards. This rule applies especially to those seeking those first 10000 followers.

Just think of it. Early on in your career, you most likely will not be a very good streamer. You will have to rely on your friends to be your viewers. As you hone your streaming skills, you will begin to rely less on the friends you've made and more on natural growth from viewers who genuinely like your stream.

I think many people are focused on streaming for many hours a day. The month I got partnered I streamed for 50 (10-15 hours a week). It goes to show a quality product, backed by effective networking will produce results. There will come a time where streaming for many hours a day may be more beneficial to you but early on in your career focus on networking and have fun! -Benda42


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