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Rules to B42 By

Discord Etiquette


1. NO channel promotions or links in the Discord general chat. Even if you mention your stream in general could be considered a promotion and will give you an unfair advantage over others.


2. Use the proper Discord channels. Look in the channel descriptions to identify where you should post.

3. Do not attempt to take advantage of our Discords streaming now bot by attempting to appear at the top of the list. This is bad etiquette and unfair for the rest of our team. If you do not know what I am talking about here, don't worry, you are not the problem.


4. Change your nickname on Discord to match your Twitch name. This makes it easier to find you on Twitch if the discord/twitch link goes down.


1. Raids are run and coordinated by a designated raid coordinator. They lead the raid, and are responsible for keeping the raid organized and civil. Other members raiding should be respectful of the raid coordinator, and ensure they are not speaking over, or making the raid difficult for the coordinator.

2. Do not request to be raided, especially during a raid. This is not how our raids work. Raids are coordinated to reward and help grow members that are active in supporting our community and members. At a bare minimum you must be listed as part of the Team B42 community on Twitch.


3. Any negativity by team members that is observed either during the raid, towards members during the raid, towards the raid coordinator, or any other variation of poor general etiquette will be subject to removal from the community

Basic Etiquette


1. Do not ask yourself “What can Team B42 do for me?” Instead ask yourself “What can I do for Team B42?”. This is the key to success. We all need to stop thinking individually and start thinking of the team dynamic.

2. Help team members and do not expect anything in return. Do it out of the kindness of your heart and know you are supporting your team. If you continue with this thought process over time, Success will come to you.

3. Do not go into other members streams and talk about other streams in someone else's chat. This includes asking for "follow for follow" or "lurk for lurk" in someone's chat. You are there to support that person. Not to promote yourself or anyone else.



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